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    Problems with After Effects video in Premiere CS5

    FamilyLegacyVideo Level 1

      I've run into an interesting problem using sequences in Premiere Pro CS5 that I create in After Effects CS5. Here's the skinny: I created a sequence in AE, 1440x1080. I exported the composition as a movie (avi). I then imported it into my 1440x1080 Premiere project. It looked great when playing it in the preview monitor. But - when I place the video clip on the timeline, I first get a green bar and then a red bar - even when the clip is the only video on the timeline. And sometimes the red bar even extends to a clip that's adjacent to the AE clip. When I render the effects in the sequence, the red bar problem goes away - BUT the quality of the AE clip is compromised. The image gets noticeably noisy and degraded. Does anyone have insights as to why this is happening? Am I exporting the AE sequence incorrectly? Many thanks.