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    Major Bug re Modify command in project panel

    Butch2oc Level 1

      Do you ever use the modify function in the project panel. (interpret footage or audio etc) ?

      If you do then don't!!!

      If you ever have to relink media for any reason  (i.e. Open up on another machine or just relink etc) you will find that any changes are not remembered by prem.

      Proof: Simply make a change to something in your project window via the right click modify command, then make the media offline... when you relink media it reverts to original settings as if it has been imported for the first time.

      So in effect this function is useless especially if you move projects around systems like we do.

      I had a 30 min prog (fast paced with alot of cuts) that had audio channel changes and footage interpretation adjustments.

      I had to go through every shot and fix... this took me 2 days which I didn't have spare to fix. I missed the deadline.

      It seems like moving jobs around is not possible for us because we seem to use the modify functions alot.


      Colin Brougham helped me with a workaround for audio but this won't work for interpreting footage.



      Have posted a bug but if anyone has any ideas they will be more than appreciated.