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    Display one video source as two views?

    Dean Stringer

      Hey all.


      I'm  looking for a way to have an OSMF based player playback a single video  instance but represent it in the interface as two seperate views. The  source video has composited elements in it that I need to pick out for  display independantly, and ideally to be able to display one at a time,  or switch between.


      In Silverlight this is possible using  the VideoBrush object, its a very cool capability, but I havent been  able to find any similar functionality in actionscript, or flex. Have  been looking over the osmf documentation, and actionscript docs, and of  course had a good search around the web.


      The alternatives  seem to be using ScrollRect or Mask in combination with graphical  overlays, or using scaling and positioning of two seperate sources of  the same video, but these approaches mean I'd need to play back two  instances of the video, not one. This would seem to introduce all sorts  of overhead, and maybe synching and bandwidth problems.


      Can anyone share any experience or insight into how to tackle this problem?


      Thanks in advance,