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    How to update the data in air application when the user is online?

    Suneet Vermaa

      I am making an air application in which a user can save the data locally on his system also when he goes online I want to save that data on the server and also want to update the data if some changes are done in the data available in the server.Basically want to syncronise the data.

      Say for eg. there are n number of students. Each student do some changes in his air application. So that data will be saved locally on his system and when goes online he can save the data on the server. In the same way all the n number of students will do this activity. Also if the teacher want to allot some work to all the n students , the teacher can make the changes and when the students are online the whole data by teacher must get syncronised in the students data.


      I want to know the best way to sync the data. There can be alot of data and want to sync that data of a student which is not stored on the server side.For eg. a student created 2 pages and saved that data when online. Next day he created one more page and when he goes online I want to update the 3rd page only and not all the 3 pages. basically only taht page in which the changes are done by the student. This activity is to be done for the n number of students so is very complicated case.


      Anybody please suggest.