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    PSD file import: always the same layers no matter what psd file


      So, another problem has just popped up! Picture is, I imported a psd file into ae and made a cool vid out of it, which is all well and good. However, I decided to do a new one and as I imported the NEW psd file (as in COMPLETELY new, different file name with different drawings, different layer names etc) into ae... surprise surprise! The OLD psd file is displayed in the ae screen (???) It says it has imported my new psd file, but the layers and images displayed are from the old one (which, as I said, has nothing to do with the new one, except in matching canvas size).



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          How did you import and what exactly are you viewing? The source view? The comp view? The timeline layer view? Did you use "File --> Replace Footage"? Naturally, unless you actually replaced the elements, the latter two will keep showing your original PSD as they are referenced by the original project. Otherwise the source view should correctly reflect your new document. That aside I seem to vaguely rember an issue with this in some older version of AE (something with AE misinterpreting paths for identically named layers in different files), but since you did not make any mention of your AE version nor platform, operating system or hardware, it will be impossible for anyone to be more specific....