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    Flash / Air and memory




      I have been making some research on the amount of memory that Flash / Air applications can access and I would like to get some confirmations / addition details on my results please.

      My observations are as follows:

      • On Desktops browsers (Flash Player):
        • The amount of RAM accessible by the player is OS and browser dependant. I used the test from this site: http://www.quasimondo.com/examples/memoryhog.html (posted in another thread) and one of my own (created and stored Vectors.<Number>).
          From those tests, it seems that Chrome and IE9 will give out at around 1.7, 1.8 GB while FireFox and Opera gave as much free RAM as was available (around 3.8 GB).
      • On Android (installed apps using Air):
        • The AIR application can access as much free RAM as Android has.
          The amount of free RAM is dependant on a number of factors:
          • The actual total amount of RAM allocated for apps which is device specific (the manufacturer can change this limit?).
          • The number of apps and services currently running and their "status" (can they be killed). From what I understood, some memory is shared, if a running AIR application requires more memory, Android will kill apps with a lower priority and we should gain access to that shared memory.
          • Testing this on an Acer Iconia Tab, I could get access to around 300MB.
      • On iOS (packaged application):
        • From my tests, on an iPad (1st generation with 256MB of RAM), I could access  up to 150MB before the app closing down. Is this limit iOS or Air imposed?


      I would be grateful if I could see some official resources regarding this issue. I am mainly concerned about the Mobile platforms where I would like to know the "bounds" (in terms of memory) an application would be running in.

      The answers I am looking for would be:

      1. Is there any reason for Chrome and IE to offer less RAM than FireFox and Opera?
      2. For Mobiles, Are there any Air imposed limits on RAM?
      3. For Mobiles, What are the OS imposed limits (especially on iOS)?





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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I don't know of any official documentation.  I'm pretty sure Flash/AIR do

          not have any limits on memory.  They ask the host environment for more until

          it the host stops handing out memory.


          IMHO, except for AIR on desktop, one should always assume they are running

          in a constrained environment and design accordingly.

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            Nathan108 Level 1

            I am indeed aware that I should go for the lowest common factor but I was curious on "how far" the systems can be pushed and whether there are some hard limits imposed by the OS.

            I would be grateful to know if Adobe or anyone who has developed some mid-large client-side application ran into some "typical" memory limits on Mobile devices?