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    CSS tags that do not work in ADE, including beta

    Czajka Level 1

      Any idea if the CSS tags that don't work in ADE, will work in the future?


      Such as:





      Are there others? Does anyone have a comprehensive table/list?


      These are biggies for us, and they are exported by InDesign 5.5. So, what's up with that?

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          I'm wondering if anything will work in this POS software. I've been experimenting with ePub output from InDesign 5.5, thinking the garbage I was seeing in ADE was the result of some screw up on my part. Imagine my surprise when I opened the same ePubs in iBooks on my iPhone, and in a few other non-Adobe apps (e.g. a Firefox plugin!!), only to see real formatting and a document that quite frankly looks 500% better than what ADE was showing me.


          Adobe should be ashamed to own this product - it is beyond useless.

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            As usual, when someone finds out that the software can't do what they want

            it to do, it's 'useless' and 'a piece of garbage'.  Stop slinging mud - the

            software may not be designed to do what you think it should, but it's

            useful for that which it WAS designed to do.  Sorry you're not on the same

            page as the rest of the world....

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              WasBrit Level 1

              If the software is for reading ePubs, surely it should render them the way every other reader does, instead of doing a hack job? If it isn't designed to be an epub reader, it shouldn't attempt it.


              Pretty simple really.


              So enlighten me - what was it designed to do that it does so well?


              (Oh by the way, the rest of the world on the same page? What reality would that be in?)

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                Let's start with the last part.  Digital Editions was designed in the early

                2000's to be a library management system with SOME capabilities for

                displaying text from certain types of files.  Think of it as modified Adobe

                READER software.

                It also included functions for transferring etext in certain file types

                from a source to its files (.epub and .pdf, primarily), and then again to

                external devices that are set up to read that text (ereaders).  Functions

                have been added during the past decade, including interfacing with public

                and university library systems, and a bunch of devices that are compatible

                with file management embedded in Digital Editions.  It is NOT the most

                flexible ereader, as you've discovered, and may never be - I can't speak

                for what's on the drawing board.  It also does NOT support all devices that

                claim to have ereader capabilities.  Check the Help section of Digital

                Editions to see the list.


                What it's good at is its core functions - transfer of files from sources to

                itself and to ereaders it supports.  What it may not be as good at is

                handling the variants of digital rights management, variants of embedded

                text display that aren't necessarily part of its core design (circa 1998)

                and a variety of 'proprietary' formats to the industry standards used to

                design Digital Editions, such as those created by Amazon and B&N.


                Digital Editions has been recognized as a 'standard' by most of the

                epublication world (aside from Amazon and B&N) because it embodies all of

                the elements that were in the original commercial design.  Some other

                products developed later, such as Overdrive and Bluefire reader, do things

                differently.  And there has been evolution in the text that's

                being created.  ADE does keep up with some of the developments, but not

                all.  Neither do Overdrive and Bluefire reader.  Some sources that create

                epublications don't adhere to the standards either, making it difficult

                sometimes to see what you're reading 'correctly'.  Some readers don't

                support the functions in the standards either, which makes it even more

                complicated.  Again, check the Help section of Digital Editions to see what

                functions are supported.


                Bottom line - it's not uniform across the board, from the server to the



                Now, as far as your expectations are concerned, perhaps one of the other

                software packages will excel at delivering what you think should be there.

                OTOH, maybe it's the text, or the ereader, or....  This isn't an apology

                for Digital Editions - just look at my moniker.  There are plenty of

                'improvements' that Adobe can make to rectify problems and 'catch up' with

                the state of epublications.  And, in a game like this with so many moving

                pieces, what works today may not work a month from now.



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                  WasBrit Level 1

                  The problem I have with this is they have a product that can create ePubs (InDesign), and one that can be used to tweak the output (Dreamweaver - not it's core use, but it does the job) but they don't have a product that can correctly display the end result of that product, even though to my mind they insinuate that they do.


                  The first line from the ADE product page states :

                  "Adobe® Digital Editions software offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications."


                  Engaging? No. Competent? Barely.


                  in their list of product features, the very first feature is:

                  "Interface designed for digital reading"


                  Not being able to accurately preview an ePub created by their own software is a huge fail in my opinion. It goes against their whole 'end to end' publishing solution ethos.

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                    Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                    I;m just as 'frustrated' with that as you are.  It's a bit like the right

                    hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, or trying to put a Ford Model

                    T engine in a Ferrari....



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                      Here are a few more:


                      • The :before pseudo-selector appears to be completely unsupported.
                      • The :first-letter pseudo-selector appears to be completely unsupported.
                      • The default behavior for line-height is way off, and spacing between lines is much larger than it should be even if line-height is explicitly specified.
                      • Some of the percentage behavior makes no sense.  For example, the standard vertical centering trick doesn't work:


                      <div style="height: 100%; min-height: 100%">

                      <div style="height: 50%;margin-bottom: -68pt;"></div>




                      Instead, it comes out way below the center of the window.  Some of this may be caused by the line height being wrong, though.  It's hard to tell how much.