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    My custom component works great in cs5 but cast a #1009 error in cs5.5!

    Riccardo Sallusti Level 1


      some time ago i made a very useful component in flash cs5 called TimelineLoading:


      you can drag it from the library to the stage and set some properties in the inspector (CIRCLE or BAR loading, color, size, etc...).

      It does the loading of your timeline, showing the progress in a very nice way, and then goes to frame 2 when loading ends.


      It has always worked perfectly, but now, when i try to use the exact same component in Flash CS5.5 it throws a 1009 error, even before starting anything.


      here is the error: Error #1009: at MainTimeline/__setProp___id0__Scene1_Layer1_0()


      you can find the component here:

      http://code.google.com/p/riccardosallusti/downloads/detail?name=TimelineLoading_1_2.mxp&ca n=2&q=#makechanges


      install it with the Extension manager, then drag it to the stage on frame 1, place a big image in flame 2 with a stop(), change the loading type to BAR in the inspector, and then publish.

      note: leaving the default loading type to CIRCLE, does not throw any error but the loading doesn't work.


      If you try it in cs5 everything works fine.




      P.S. tried on Windows 7 and MAC osx 10.6.8