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    General Question on Speeding up Windows PP CS5

    BrianSiano2 Level 1

      I recently made some hardware repairs and upgrades to my system, but I'm still getting some stuttering and playback slowdowns in my preview window. (Granted, the sequenecs have a few split-screen things, and the fottage uses a lot of hi-def that's rescaled.) Considering that my last upgrade was to quadruple the memory, I'm a bit disappointed that the system isn't running faster. So I'd like to know what can be done, generally speaking, to speed up PP CS5 in a Windows 7 machine. Which would have more impact-- memory, a video card, or upgrading the CPU? Are there software tweaks that can be used? What hard drive configurations are best, and why? Is there an FAQ on this topic?


      My current system is an AMD Phenom II, quad-core, with an ATI 5770 card and 16 gig of onboard memory.