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    Title insanity


      I've been struggling to do a very simple thing, i.e., extend the duration of my static title. But nothing I've tried

      has worked. When I copy and paste, what is pasted is only the black background, not the title. When I use the Time Stretch tool, the same thing happens, the black background is stretched but the length of the title remains the same, so it vanishes after 5 seconds, as before. I've tried some other methods but in each and every case, the length of the title remains the same, only the background is changed. And if I try to get rid of the title by cutting that clip from the timeline, I see the title superimposed on the first 5 seconds of my movie, which I don't want. I see nothing in either the menus  or the documentation that's of any help and I'm wondering what it is I'm missing. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, make sure you're in Timeline mode so you can be sure you're actually selecting the title clip.


          Once you've located the title clip on your timeline, extending it is as simple as dragging the end of the clip longer.

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            victorgrauer Level 1

            Thanks, Steve, but I tried what you suggest and all it did was add more black screen. The title remained the same length. My problem stemmed from following the instructions in the help file, which tell you to first add a strip of black and then place the title on top of that. Apparently that method causes the title to be superimposed on the black strip, just as it would be superimposed on the opening scene of the film itself if there were no black strip.

            After much experimentation and needless frustration I did manage to find a way to do what I needed to do, but believe me it was NOT easy. First you need to ignore the instructions in the help file and go immediately to the title templates. The reason I avoided them initially was because they are all so horribly ugly. I discovered, however, that you can erase the template and design your own title page. But again that was far from obvious and in fact the tools you need to do that are at first hidden. I found them only by accident. Now I'm faced with a similar problem when I try to deal with the equally ugly DVD menu templates. I see no way to reconfigure those and I'm hoping maybe you have some ideas? Also, I'm wondering why Adobe doesn't make a plain vanilla generic blank template available for both titles and menus.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Well, my books give you step-by-step instructions for all of those things, with illustrations -- so, if you had a copy, this all would be much simpler! 



              They also don't give you such convoluted instructions for working with titles, FWIW.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If you want a Title, superimposed onto a video, or still, do not use a Shape (the black "strip") below it - just create a Title with the Text Block.


                With that Title on the Timeline, just click+drag on the Tail of the Title (Clip) to change the Duration.


                Now, if you have used any of the Animation Presets, or Transitions, such as a Dip-to-Black, or Fade-In/Fade-Out, etc., you might want to remove those, until such time as you have the Title and its Duration where you want it.


                I also like NOT using any Title Animation Presets, but instead creating those with either Transitions, or by Keyframing Effects, such as the Fixed Effect>Opacity.


                Good luck, and remember, do this work in the Timeline View Mode.