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    Hide / Remove / Workaround the arrow in a combo box

    Charlie Tait Level 1

      Here's a thing. I need to make the combo box arrow dissappear. We are producing a feedback form with multiple options for feedback, once the tutor has selected the relevant feedback they want the arrow to not be visible to the student. Basically so that the end viewer of the PDF can't tell there is a combo box by the arrow seeing the arrow. Looking around I've found that you cannot hide the arrow to the right of a combo box.


      One possible solution is to design a black bar into the form which may disguise the black arrows (unless they turn white). However, I prefer neater code-led solutions which are not dependant on a static visual design. I wonder is there away of hiding the entire combo box and passing the selected list item to a text field?


      For info a list box is not suitable as the blue/grey selection colour is then visible.