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    Adobe Premiere --> After Effects : Breaks Clip Transitions


      I'll be the first to admint, that  I'm a poor cameraman, something about holding a handheld camcorder  steady seems to elude me.  So I'm very pleased with the warp stabilize  feature of AE.  A workflow that I've found to be efficient for me, is to  edit my composition using the shaky footage that I plan to later  stabilize.  I'll lay the clips out, add transitions, color correct,  adjust audio, etc, and get the composition exactly how I like it.  Then,  I'll go in and stabilize the shots that made the final cut into the  movie.  This way I'm not spending time analyzing and rendering clips  that don't make it into the final.


      So I did this, and  began right clicking on the clips requiring stabilization, and selecting  to open them in AE.  I stabilized each clip, scrubbed through it,  saved, and returned to PPro.  The transitions were gone... well,  annoying, but no problem I'll put them back... they won't go.... crap.   Premiere didn't export the extra frames that were needed for the  transition, and now the replaced footage from AE is now only enough for a  hard cut.


      I tried adjusting the length of the clips from  within AE, which seemed to require a combo of moving the in point, and  increasing the duration of the clip.  (moving the out point didn't seem  to increase the length in the composition)  The results after doing this  in Premiere were unexpected, and everything in the timeline was out of  sync with the music I was editing to... basically I had to revert to an  earlier save and scrap the stabilizing.  Is this the normal (intended)  behavior?


      My expectation was to right click on the file,  open it in AE, apply the Warp Stabilize effect, and return to PPro, to  find it exactly how I left it (transitions in place, timing the same,  etc.) only now the footage would be stabilized...

      (I'm using CS5.5 Master Collection with Dynamic Linking, Windows 7 64bit, CUDA accelerated)

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Yep, that's the way it works. Dynamic Link essentially disregards transition duration as part of the clip duration when doing the Replace with AE Comp command.


          Here's what I do: immediately after selecting a clip or clips and using the Replace with AE Comp command, I undo it. No, really--that's exactly what I do. This will import your footage and create the comp in AE, and then undoing it in Premiere Pro returns the comp back to clips; that way, I have a fallback if everything goes pear-shaped.


          In AE, the comp and footage remains. You can now trim out the clip to reflect the duration of your transitions in Premiere Pro (and probably adjust the comp length, too), and then perform any work you need to do on the footage/comp. When done, I just drag the comp from AE to Premiere Pro, which sets up a new Dynamic Link. Now, since you essentially have handles associated with your AE comp (e.g. it's the duration of your original clip plus the transition duration), you can either replace the original clip(s) or edit it into your sequence as you like.


          Making a feature request for the Replace with AE Comp command to respect transitions would be keen: Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form