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    Reader X Printing Problem


      I manage a lab at a university that about a couple hundred students go through each day. About a week ago, we started having a lot of the students come up to us and say that they can't print the PDF from Reader X, yet they can print from any other program just fine. Some are able to print if they open it with a browser (firefox, chrome, or IE), and some can't. The problem seems to happen randomly to students. I thought maybe it was an error with the new protected mode on Reader X, but even when I turned it off some still couldn't print. This complaint happens about 10 times a day with different PDF files.


      Any thoughts?

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          Wood Sabold

          I am using MacOS10.5.8 and have also had problems with printing in Reader X.  I followed the "Quick Fix" advice to click "advanced" in the print dialog and select "print as image."  In about 1 of 12 attempts to print a page it worked.  The rest of the time the application quit.  This never happened before Reader X.  I tried to go back and download version 9 again but was prompted that 9 was not available for my operating system.  Again, if anyone has the answer, please reply.

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            Clasp2 Level 1

            So, with people that can't print PDFs from Reader X or the from the browsers, the only way that I can get it to print is to check the "print as image" in the "advanced" options of the print settings window.

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              Same problem with home computer. When I try to print a PDF document, the print dialog box doesn't "see" my printer. I tried uninstalling X and reinstalling the previous version of Reader (9.4.0) with no improvement. So I reinstalled Reader X and unchecked the "Open in Protected Mode" box under the Edit/Preference/General tab, which is one suggestion I've seen on this forum.


              So I'm still stuck not being able to print anything from Reader.


              Does anyone have a fix???

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                suddenly can;t print any pdf docs. was using reader 8, then 9 ... with 9 reader said i had to install prionter but refused to do so ... no help online anywhere.... then i saw reader 10 so tried that .. figgered newer version wold solve old problem ... now i can get to printer dialog ... select stuff .. click print ... zippo-nada-nothing AT ALL happens. printer is officejet  7210 which has been JustFine (tm) for years.  other pgms print as usual .. should i back up to reader 7? or just to 8?  perhaps reply to come in registerd email addrs? as well as here ?  i suspect there are some others w/same problme .. moare than the above ppl


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                  I use Mac OS X 10.6 and have had this problem for several months - if I recall correctly, it predates Reader X. In my situation, the problem occurs on files that were created from a pdf form that I am able to fill in and save: other pdf files print fine. The work-around has been to open and print the file using Preview. This is always sucessful. However, I need to be sure not to modify the file within Preview, since the saved data will then no longer be visible in Reader. I have also used the Print as Image solution recommended by Adobe, with success on the few occassions I used it.

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                    Clasp2 Level 1

                    It's funny that you say that, because a lot of the pdf's with problems (not all, but most) have been pdf forms that you can fill in. Thanks for the advice.

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                      Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

                      Dear users,


                      Thanks for reporting the problem.


                      Since majority of users reported the problem on Form based PDF document, we tried certain experiments at our end on both Win and Mac and could not find any issue and things worked all fine. May i request you to please answer the following questions wrt the isses faced by you.


                      1) Are you using Acrobat or Reader?

                      2) What is the version of Acrobat or Reader you are using? The latest version is 10.1.1 and I would request you to keep the application up-to-date. You may do so by going to Help-->Check for updates. Kindly report back if the issue is fixed or not after the update.

                      3) Do you see the issue occuring with specific pdf documents or all pdfs? Could you share your pdf documents at atulagar@adobe.com

                      4) what is the make of the printer? what is the make of the driver?

                      5) What is the exact nature of the issue? print does not come? or Do you see any error dialog while printing? or anything else?


                      Thanks for your valuable time and we look forward to your responses. You may post your reponses in forum itself and may send the pdfs to my e-mail id.



                      Atul Agarwal

                      Adobe Systems

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                        JerilynSchw Level 1

                        Here are my answers to your questions, though I can't speak for anyone else's programs or printers!


                        1. Reader

                        2. X (10.1.1)

                        3. All pdfs. I will forward a couple of them to your email address.

                        4. HP Laser Jet 1020; don't know which driver? If you can tell me how to find out, I'll let you know.

                        5. When I try to print something, the print dialog box disappears after I select "print" but the printer does not do anything.

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                          JerilynSchw Level 1

                          I am attaching two pdf’s  that I am unable to print. Btw, when I open the print dialog box and click on printer properties, nothing happens either (as well as when I click on “print”).

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                            Hi Atul, my laptop has just updated to Adobe Reader X and I cannot print anything, the screen freezes on the print spooling text box, sits at 0% and my whole laptop freezes, I have to switch off and reboot.  I am running Windows Vista, and I have tried printing to a File but exactly the same thing happens.  This has happened to me before but has always been resolved when I've checked for updates and run them.  I have checked and there are no updates for me to run.  I have a pile of school letters I need to print, help please, any suggestions?


                            My printer is a Cannon MP620, which I've had and been using happily for a couple of years now.   I just tried again, without the printer connected, and it did exactly the same thing.  It didn't even got as far as registering that the printer wasn't connected, just started to spool the document and everything froze again.  I have a message in my Windows problem solver, saying I blue-screened and the laptop froze to protect itself, to do with software or drivers it says.  I'm not techie enough to know which, but it can only be about the printing problem?


                            Okay it looks like I can print older pdf's, just the latest updates from the school which are causing a problem.  I will forward one on to you Atul.


                            Many thanks,



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                              Hi Atul,


                              I was one of the guys who 'dared' to send you two files; but as it turns out it's not the file's problem.


                              It seems Reader X modifies the PCL (3 in my printer's case) and after that all printing will fail with some wild characters inserted into documents - or even the Test Page printing.


                              I just deleted X, reloaded 9.4, deleted the printer, restarted Windows 7, reinstalled the printer; WWord was working fine, but when I opened an old .pdf file with Reader 9.4, it just runs the paper through, drops in a few characters at the start and then flashes the paper out. Could the print spool have been 'contaminated'?



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                                F.C.Wolf Level 1

                                I am using Reader 10.1.1 with a wireless connection to two different HP printers: HP Officejet Pro 8500 with HP driver 3.1.1; and HP Officejet 5610 aio with HP driver 1.3.0.


                                After issuing the print command, the printer dialog shows this same error message on both printers:

                                "Error: pstopdffilter/pstocupsraster failed with err number 13"


                                I have found the error on both form-based and other pdf documents.


                                Please note that in my case the error is computer specific. The same documents that issue the error message above when printing from a MacBook print fine when printing from an iMac 24-inch, both computers using OS X 10.6.8.

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                                  HerrJosef Level 1



                                  Reader X does its 'damage' by modifying the printer command sequence,

                                  and codes - whether on Mac or Windows.


                                  I'm not a software guy so I can not 'capture' error codes; partially

                                  because I don't get any! But after deleting the X update and reverting

                                  back to 9.4.0 my printer (an HP DeskJet 895Cxi) still fails: If I print

                                  a document with WWord, that prints fine, but when I insert a .jpg file

                                  in a new document and try to print that, after a few lines of color it

                                  quits, flushes the paper; printer seems busy, but eventually reverts to

                                  ready. Same thing happens with a picture editing program - which used to

                                  work just fine. I also tried bypassing the spool - the effect is the

                                  same ... which means the printer codes had to be modified permanently

                                  somewhere - but don't know how to revert them back to where they were.



                                  Equinunk, PA - USA


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                                    sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                    Dear User,


                                    The workflow is working fine at our end. It might be an issue of your printer installation so i request you to repeat the same with some other application (e.g. Word or notepad).

                                    Kindly try the same and post your reply here as soon as possible so that we can investigate this further.



                                    Sonal Aggarwal

                                    Adobe Systems

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                                      HerrJosef Level 1

                                      Dear Sonal,


                                      I'm sure, with the latest equipment and technology used at your office,

                                      you won't notice any problem at all.


                                      In my case, my printer is and 'old baby', programmed and designed for

                                      PLC 3, and I'm sure now that those commands and escape sequences have

                                      been modified; maybe this affects only a few dozen cases world wide, but

                                      it sure is a big inconvenience for me (can't just run out and buy a new

                                      printer!:-( ).


                                      Since you did not send your proper E-mail address I'm sending two files

                                      to Atul's address: Used Open Office Org.'s word processing program to

                                      print a standard text page - which worked fine. But then I inserted a

                                      picture into a text document, and then sent it to the printer. You can

                                      see the result.



                                      Equinunk, PA - USA


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                                        sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                        It appears that you need to update your printer driver as it might be due to outdated PCL version driver.

                                        For Windows, kindly first uninstall the printer and then enable 'Window Updates' followed by connecting printer. It will install the updated printer driver automatically.

                                        In case of Mac, the above mentioned printer is not supported. You can check the same at "http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01856359&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=5 9306".


                                        Try to take prints with this latest driver. Hope, It may solve your problem.



                                        Sonal Aggarwal

                                        Adobe Systems

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                                          HerrJosef Level 1

                                          If you check back, Sonal,


                                          Message was edited by: HerrJosef on my 25th Sept. note, this is what I wrote: "I just deleted X, reloaded 9.4, deleted the printer, restarted Windows 7, reinstalled the printer ..." - and I did this dozens of times. Just now I tried to restore the system to prior to installing Reader X, but Windows 7 does not give me a restore point. What I will do tomorrow: I will borrow an other printer and install it on my system, just to see if the printer is the culprit. With every program failing - including Adobe Reader 9.4.0 and X - I might be forced to replace this old workhorse! Stay tuned ... Joe

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                                            JerilynSchw Level 1

                                            I did what you suggested and I am now printing PDFs just fine! Thank you for the fix!

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                                              HerrJosef Level 1

                                              Well, Dear Sonal and Atul,


                                              when I tried an other printer and printed fine, I broke down and got a

                                              new printer!:-) Which is working fine also.


                                              Yet, I'm still convinced it's not my old work horse's fault, but that

                                              little conversion cable which took the standard Centronics connector and

                                              converted it to USB plugin. Don't know how they did it, but it worked

                                              all these years (well only for 3-4) when parallel ports disappeared from



                                              Thanks for your support,



                                              Equinunk, PA - USA


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                                                sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                                Thanks for your cooperation!



                                                Adobe Systems

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                                                  Phoenix63 Level 1

                                                  Hi Sonal,  I have reinstalled my printer driver for my Cannon MP620, but I still can't print any new pdfs, my laptop still freezes up on the print spool screen and I have to reboot.


                                                  I have created my own workaround, I copy and paste the pdf contents into a Word doc and print that instead, but it's still a nuisance because now I don't know when a pdf arrives if I can safely open it without my laptop freezing again.  Old pdf's are fine, so what on earth could be causing this?





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                                                    I'm been having fits both saving downloaded PDFs & printing both them & others I had previously saved.  All of this has occurred since installng Adobe Reader X, & I'm up to date with Version 10.1.1.  Yes, my printer is old, but it works with everything else--just not with Adobe Reader X.  My OS is Windows XP Professional, SP3, and it's always updated with the most recent Microsoft patches.  Here's the answers to your questions:



                                                    1)  Using Reader X

                                                    2)  Version 10.1.1

                                                    3)  All PDFs.  Samples are Explanations of Benefits downloaded through health insurance web site & saved as PDFs, PDFs created by scanning original document using Canon scanner software, PDFs saved by creating print selections from either downloaded or online documents and saving them using a third-part PDF writer.  tt doesn't matter what type or what source--the problems are consistent, and have only occurred since installing Reader X.  I had no issues with any of the version 9 releases.

                                                    4)  HP Laserjet 4M.  The only identification I can provide for the driver is either HP 4M or HP 4M PS--I have both installed because it's a postscript capable printer.  I went through the process of adding a new driver for each of these installed printers & my OS installed them, but I believe they're the same as what were previously installed.  Yes, it's an old printer and I can't afford to replace it (I won't use inkjets for my work), but so far it's been capable of printing anything I ask it to print--until I encountered problems with Reader X or the browser embedded version of Adobe Reader.  Both react the same way.

                                                    5)  Here's a sampling of the issues I've encountered:



                                                    When I open a PDF file from a web site & try to save it or print it, either IE8 or Adobe Reader X simply shuts down.  If I'm lucky enough for the document to load, I try to print it either to a printer or to another PDF writer, it acts as if it's trying to print, then an error message appears that it could not be printed because no document was selected. That freezes up the application, either IE8 or Adobe Reader X, and I have to use Task Manager to close it down.

                                                    Double-clicked on a downloaded document (different ones reacted the same say) & got the following result when going to the File Print routine:


                                                    Dialog Box contents:
                                                    Microsft Visual C__ Runtime Library in title bar
                                                    Runtime Error!
                                                    Program: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Reader 10.0/Reader/AcroRd32.exe
                                                    abnormal program termination
                                                    OK button

                                                    Click on OK button & application terminates.

                                                    If I first start Adobe Reader X, then use File, Open, to open the same document, Reader X simply shuts down & won't open the document.


                                                    I tried to load a travel reimbursement form I had scanned and saved before upgrading to Reader X--first loaded Reader X, then opened the file, then tried to print it.  On the 1st attempt Reader X shut down.  On the 2nd attempt it printed a blank page. On the next attempt, it said that the document could not be printed in one dialog box, and when I closed that one another appeared saying that no pages were selected to print.  But I had clicked in the document and the default page selection in the printer dialog box was All. There is only one page in the file.


                                                    Next I tried loading Reader X, then opening the reimbursement form, then clicking on the printer icon--nothing happened.  Then I tried File, Print, and nothing happened (after waiting 2-3 minutes each time).  Finally, I tried Ctrl-P to try to print the document.  The PC responded with an Adobe Reader dialog box that said "An internal error occurred."  I don't know which printing attempt this error message pertained to.  Every time I have to use Task Manager to end Adobe Reader, and it gives me a message that it's waiting for a response from me.  This thing is busted since I installed Reader X.  I want to go back to a prior version until you can get this fixed.  But I can't seem to find any insallation files for earlier versions.

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                                                      Phoenix63 Level 1

                                                      I would like to try reverting to a previous version too, is there a link anywhere?  I have a very similar issue only my laptop freeezes completely, I can't even shut down using Task Manager.  I am fed up with it, my printer works with everything else and some old pdf's, I have re-installed the printer driver, but anything received since my laptop updated to Reader X, I can't print and it is a real nuisance having to reboot each time it falls over.   


                                                      As I mentioned previously, I have resorted to copying and pasting new pdf's into Word and printing them out that way, but in most cases it messes up the formatting.

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                                                        sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                                        Dear user,


                                                        We tried all the workflows that you have mentioned with the same configurations and settings  (printer, OS, Reader version, document similar to that of yours) and things are working fine at our end. There is no such freeze kind of problem at our end. So I request you to please uninstall and reinstall your Reader 10.1.1, it might be a case of corrupted installation.


                                                        Also, for reverting back to previous versions, you can go to http://get.stage.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/ .


                                                        Hope this may solve your problem.



                                                        Sonal Aggarwal (soaggarw@adobe.com)

                                                        Adobe Systems

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                                                          byu1980 Level 1

                                                          I found this link before seeing the one you provided (see my post from a day or so ago):




                                                          The "stage." portion of yours seems to be an addition to this one, and when I tried it my browser could not find it.


                                                          After four attempts to install version 9.4.0, and not knowing it had succeeded because everything froze up again, that version did successfully install.  The first document I tried that I had trouble with using Version X (10.1.1) loaded properly, printed properly, and provided no error messages.  It is working perfectly, and I won't go back to Reader X untli someone at Adobe acknowledges that there is a problem.  I'll be the first to repost something here if I have any trouble with Version 9.4.0.

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                                                            byu1980 Level 1

                                                            See my 2nd post in the forum.  Your link gives me a Page Not Found error.  The "stage." portion of it is in error.  It works without that portion.

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                                                              Phoenix63 Level 1

                                                              Thanks Sonal I am just re-installing now, I will try this and if I still cannot print I'll revert to 9.4.0 and try that.  (Byu1980 is right btw, the link needs the 'stage' removing if anyone else is going to try this too).  

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                                                                sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                                                Sorry, the link is http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/


                                                                Dear byu1980,

                                                                It seems that you had installation problem with ReaderX, if you would have reinstall ReaderX then also your problem would get solve. This is not the issue with update.

                                                                If you still face any problem, revert back for the same.


                                                                Thanks for your timely response and cooperation.

                                                                Sonal Aggarwal

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                                                                  byu1980 Level 1


                                                                  Would you please provide the first date that Reader X became available to the public, and when popup notices would have starting appearing for those of us who were previously using an earlier version.  I can't tell you exactly when I upgraded to Reader X, but I'd like the date information so I can determine for sure what version I was using at a specific point in time.  If there are remnants of the original installation hidden somewhere on my hard drive, perhaps you can help me find it if this date info is not available.  It's quite possible that my original installation was corrupted somehow, but I applied at least a couple of updates to Reader X in getting to version 10.1.1, thinking as I was installing them that they would correct the issues I had been having since installing Reader X.  I never saw an error message indicating that either the Reader X upgrade or the updates to it failed to install properly.


                                                                  Please reply with the date information requested.  After that, I'll assess where I stand with going back to Version X (10).



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                                                                    sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                                                    Dear user byu1980,


                                                                    It's a logical behaviour that if in any case an installer file (at client side) gets corrupted then updates do not provide any error or warning of its corruption. It just apply its update to the application and that's why you were unable to resolve your problem in spite of updating it. Thereby,  I request you to completely uninstall and reinstall the application's latest version (10.1.1) provided at Adobe site.


                                                                    (For your information ):  Reader X was made publically available in Nov, 2010. 


                                                                    I hope this post will be helpful for you.



                                                                    Sonal Aggarwal

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                                                                      byu1980 Level 1

                                                                      Judging from the not-so-isolated-but-quite-numerous posts in the Forums about reading & printing problems with Reader X, I logically and most likely correctly perceive that I'm not the only one who has had an issue with this new version.  You can't possibly be sure in every problem case that the culprit is a corrupted installation.  You haven't, at least in my case, asked me to share any specifics about my system/installation with you, yet you assure me that my problem was caused by a corrupted installation.  That certainly doesn't explain why I had absolutely no (zero-nada-zilch) problems after going back to Version 9.4.0, but had repeated issues with Reader X.  I'm not at all sure you've given the public a fair chance, but intead are almost blindly standnig tough for Adobe's interests by attempting to solve a problem with a reinstall suggestion.


                                                                      Here's why I ased for the date information.  I recall passing on the installation of Reader X for at least a couple of months after first being notified of it.  But in late July, 2011, fully six or more months after it became available, I was frantically trying to download and save files from an insurance company (already in PDF format) to confirm amounts owed to medical providers.  By then, I know I had installed Reader X without any installation issues, and applied at least one update to it.  Yet, virtually every EOB (Explanation of Benefits) I opened caused Reader X to terminate, or, when I tried to print a copy to either a laser printer or another PDF writer so I could read the report onscreen, Reader X gave me diffrent error messages at different times and eventually terminated or froze, or I had to reboot to get resulting open windows to close.  I made very slow progress: a task that should have taken a couple of hours tookI more than 19 hours because of having to start Reader X over, or load a file again and again, or reboot my system.  It was only when I searched these forums that I found others were having the same issues that I realized it was not likely just my problem, or just an installation issue.


                                                                      I will take your suggestion--uninstall Version 9.4.0 and install Version 10.1.1--but it will be a couple of weeks before I can devote time to it.  But rest assured, I won't blindly believe that the issues I had were caused by a corrupted installation just because someone says so without first attempting to gather more information.  My symptoms were so much like others that have described in the Forums that even you must admit that if all such issues were the result of courupted installations, then perhaps the installation routine was a little suspect to begin with.  Thanks for your help.  I hope you're right, but I"m not yet convinced.  I'll revisit the issue after I have reinstalled Reader X.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Reader X Printing Problem
                                                                        Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

                                                                        Dear customer <<byu1980>>,


                                                                        Thanks for reporting the problem.


                                                                        We apologize for the inconvenience faced by you and would like to resolve the same asap. Hence, We would request you to kindly send out a direct e-mail at atulagar@adobe.com


                                                                        We would like to meet you online for a prefererred time of yours through an online connect session. Kindly suggest a preferred time for a meeting and we would share the rest of the details.



                                                                        Atul Agarwal

                                                                        Adobe Systems

                                                                        • 33. Re: Reader X Printing Problem

                                                                          We had an issue last Monday where users would print PDF documents and all they received was a line of ASCII characters with the file name, then a continuous stream of paper with a single character on it.


                                                                          At the time we were using the HP PS driver on our HP 9050 series printers, none of our Canon printers were being affected, so we put it down to printer driver.  We had successfully used the PostScript drivers since re-setting all our printers up in March 2011 after a move.


                                                                          So I changed the driver to the standard PCL 5 HP driver.  Again the same issue occurred - I must say that we did have some success intermittently with trying the "print as Image" function, however not all the time.


                                                                          Then I changed the driver to the HP Universal PCL 6 driver.  After doing that, no problems at all.


                                                                          So if you find you are having problems only on your HP's - apparently there's been intermittent issues with Acrobat printing on HP's as far back as 2008, according to heaps of documents I found through Google searches - then give the Universal driver a go.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Reader X Printing Problem
                                                                            Phoenix63 Level 1

                                                                            Hi Atul and Sonal


                                                                            I have uninstalled and reinstalled my printer driver twice, I have uninstalled Adobe Reader X and gone back to the previous version, I have checked my operating system is up-to-date, I have updated Java because I wasn't sure if that would have any influence.  And I still cannot print any pdfs which have been sent to me in the last couple of months, still everything freezes on the printer spool screen and nothing I can do other than reboot.


                                                                            I am so frustrated, and I have now deleted Adobe completely and am using a free file viewing alternative with no problems whatsoever to view and print all my pdfs.


                                                                            Thank you for all your help, but Adobe just isn't working for me anymore.  I appreciate it is most likely some combination of software I am running, but I don't know what else I can do.  Everything else, Word, this free file viewer, all print perfectly, Adobe Reader doesn't want to know!



                                                                            • 35. Re: Reader X Printing Problem

                                                                              I am suddenly having the same problem.  Adobe will not print from my computer although everything else does.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Reader X Printing Problem
                                                                                sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                                                                Dear User BrigetteAB,


                                                                                Thanks for reporting your problem. We look forward to resolve your problem in time.

                                                                                Could you please give us more information of the issue? I would request you to answer some of the queries mentioned in post 7 of this page(dated 23 sept) by Atul Agarwal, that would help us out to investigate the issue further.


                                                                                Thanks and regards

                                                                                Adobe Systems

                                                                                • 37. Re: Reader X Printing Problem

                                                                                  I hope I'm in the right thread even if my printing problem is quite specific.


                                                                                  I'm french, formerly working in IT and now retired since a couple of years.

                                                                                  Up to now (a few weeks ago) I was still using an Acrobat Pro version. Not really compliant with my new environment, Win 7 Pro and Office 2010.

                                                                                  So, I've installed Adobe Reader X only,  as MS Office is able to directly generate a PDF file.

                                                                                  All my archives (either directly provided by Office or scanned when necessary) are PDF files.


                                                                                  I still need, in order to communicate with the french administration, to fill some PDF document with formulars.

                                                                                  Fine Adobe reader X is still able to do so.


                                                                                  However it's impossible to record the resulting document. Reader X warn us that the document will be cleanned-up before. Not really usefull to archive a tax declaration for exemple.

                                                                                  The only (proposed) way is: print your document.


                                                                                  Should I print it, really on a paper and scan it just after? Crazy isn't it?


                                                                                  So, I've installed PdfForge (last version) in order to print (as required) but in a virtual printer.


                                                                                  It doesn't work and I get two white pages, the second one containing only


                                                                                  ERROR: undefined

                                                                                  OFFENDING COMMAND: eexec








                                                                                  By the way, I've found a way to bypass this issue.

                                                                                  MS OneNote is installed.

                                                                                  I just print my PDF formular based document in OneNote.

                                                                                  Then I print (ie. Save As) the required page as a PDF document!


                                                                                  There a probably a lot of "good" reasons from an Adobe point of view to impose such constraints. (Why not enabling the saving of the document with the added information? Why PdfForge printer doesn't work with Reader X?)


                                                                                  However, I don't think it's really usefull (helpfull) for the end user.





                                                                                  • 38. Re: Reader X Printing Problem
                                                                                    sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                                                                                    Dear User Cuagn,


                                                                                    What you are encountering is an expected behaviour. Reader is for reading and printing pdfs rather than creating new or modified pdf, that's why this functionality is blocked intentionally. Although, one can buy Acrobat for creating new pdfs and much more.


                                                                                    Hope, this would have been helpful to you.




                                                                                    • 39. Re: Reader X Printing Problem
                                                                                      cuagn Level 1

                                                                                      Dear sonal2890,


                                                                                      I do not really agree with you.


                                                                                      Reader X is for reading and/or printing [basic documents] and filling formulars documents and add notes....


                                                                                      The question is : how to keep track of the resulting document after it has been filled ?


                                                                                      The formal answer is : "print it!"


                                                                                      Fine. I understand that Adobe doesn't want us to be able to save it.


                                                                                      But in this case, why is it not possible to print it on a PdfForge virtual printer (may it's a bug in PdfForge, I don't know)?

                                                                                      So please tell me if the abave message in the resulting PDF file is provided by Reader X or by PdfForge.

                                                                                      As a result, I've a solution using OneNote, for no added cost.


                                                                                      So seems to me that the basic approach of Adobe to not allow the saving of a filled formular document is not really an advantage.


                                                                                      Just a frustration for the user,

                                                                                      I (and other users) will not pay for an Acrobat Pro just for this functionnality.


                                                                                      And when I consider that it is possible to save a document after you modify it with Reader X (adding some notes...) I think that it is not only frustrating but a little bit crazy.





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