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    If we have Id of an Object, can we use it using Some Object

    Ashish Mishra
      Hi Friends,
      Here is my problem, I am having one VBOX. It contains some child elements. Like TextInput, Combox, etc. And getChildAt(int i ) method retruns a DisplayObject. Here I m using an Object to store the Child. Now i am getting the id of the child, and i know about its type.

      var dispFieldNameObj:Object; // here the return value is DisplayObject.
      var txtInput:TextInput ;

      dispFieldNameObj = vboxFieldNames.getChildAt(i);
      Alert.show(dispFieldNameObj.id); // here i am getting id the control. But .text is not working.

      So my question is that, Is there any method by which I can get the text, or selected item or something. Is there anything like ObjectHandler or something by which i can get the reference of Object n access all the properties of a TextInput or Combox. etc.

      Thanks in advance for your support.