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    Importing Flash swf



      I'm as new as it comes to Captivate. From what I've researched and seen, Captivate looks like an interactive Powerpoint that captures scores, answers, and responses,etc.


      Right now, I'm looking for an authoring program to help me use some of those abilities -- but also host the main interactivity that I've built into a flash swf.


      Before I go off and start programming, is it possible to embed a fully interactive .swf into Captivate -- or is this the wrong use and I should be attempting to rebuild that in Captivate? The program I'm going to build in Flash includes a time slider with simultaneous videos and animation.


      Are time sliders possible in Captivate? (A scrubbing bar back and forth)


      Thanks for your time.



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Everything you speak of is possible in Captivate, and it certainly does allow you to import SWFs created in AS3.


          Whether or not your program will work well with Captivate depends a lot on your programming abilities and how well you understand the Captivate architecture so that your app integrates well with it.


          It might be wise to consider building your app as a Captivate widget.


          Go here for good information about widget coding: http://www.infosemantics.com.au/widgetking/

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            kyang001 Level 1

            Thanks so much, appreciate the help


            I found that I could build something in Flash AS3 and bring it in even as a swf animation - and it worked out great! So all in all, I am pretty excited that this will work.


            One more question about bringing in a swf to Captivate -- if I brought it in as a Flash animation - how can I stop/pause the timeline on the slide so that it doesn't advance to the end and disappear? I want the animation to stay on the stage -- and then when I cue the user to click a button to advance -- the slide when move on its merry way.


            Help a girl out?


            Much apreciated!!!

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What's wrong with just adding a button onto the Captivate slide labelled as 'Continue' or 'Click to Continue'?  That will pause the slide and allow the user to control when they proceed.

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                kyang001 Level 1


                Just figured that out minutes before you answered I'm stuck in the programming, that I give the program a command when to stop and go. It's more simple than that.


                Thanks for your help!