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    Creating a data/video hybrid DVD

    Shane Hoffa
      Is there a way to create a DVD hybrid disc that when inserted into a normal DVD player (attached to a TV) it plays DVD video, and when inserted into a PC it plays the Director program. Similar to an audio/data disc. If so, how is it done?

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          I apologize that I have not tested the following suggestion but I figure it’s got about a 50:50 shot of working…

          Author your DVD first using whatever software you have available and make sure that it works. Pull all files & folders off the DVD (should be at least a Video_TS folder, maybe an Audio_TS and some other junk) and combine with your projector and add an autorun.inf file that points to the projector …

          Playing in a DVD player should be straight forward enough, I think most will ignore files they don’t understand (the projector and inf file) and will just start playing the Video_TS content (your DVD) … PCs are a little tougher, normally they’ll spot the Video_TS folder and spawn the DVD player, but I’ve read that the autorun.inf will get executed first, so your projector should come up instead.

          Another option I’ve read about (but again, haven’t actually tried) … some of the higher-end DVD authoring tools will allow links to multimedia content for PC’s only. In this case the DVD will start but on PC’s users can click a menu option that would launch a projector (more often examples are shown linking PDFs)
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            kalibahlutwo Level 1
            Could anyone tell me more about how to author a DVD at will allow linking to a projector, PDF or other external files, form the video menu on a PC? I've been searching and searching to find out if Encore or DVD Studio Pro can do this, but haven't been able to get an answer. If anyone could point me in the direction to find more info, it would be greatly appreciated. :) I need to create a DVD that plays in a DVD player, but when played on a PC, allows the user to open PDFs and Excel files. Thanks in advance!
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              I’ve never tried but Encore’s help docs have this to say about ROM material on a DVD...

              “ROM material is only available on personal computers. Furthermore, it’s only available from the desktop, not from the video content of a disc. You specify additional content on the Disc tab of the Project panel.”

              "Adobe Encore DVD lets you link to practically any destination in the project, whether it be a menu, timeline, slide show, playlist, or chapter playlist. (ROM content is the exception. ROM content must be accessed via a computer’s desktop.)"

              ...which doesn’t sound very promising.

              DVD Studio Pro 2 supports something called DVD@CCESS which will do what you want but it requires a small install for Windows users. I haven’t used this either so I don’t know if it works as advertised, but I’d start by googling DVD@CCESS and see what you come up with.
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                kalibahlutwo Level 1
                Thanks so much for your reply! I'll look into that. In the meantime, I also discovered Roxio eDVD, which might do the same thing, so I'll looking to that, as well.
                Thanks again! :)