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    Justification on image/text wraps spanning multiple columns


      I have a very specific problem in CS5 which is going to be hard to explain simply, but I'll do my best.


      I've been trying to figure out a way to wrap an image contained inside, but spanning two or more columns of text, while maintaining the same justifying effects that Indesign would automatically grant a similar text wrap contained within a single column. The thing I've found is, Indesign treats the text wraps totally differently, depending on whether it is a single column, or two or more. Therein lies the rub.


      To clarify and use an example: let's imagine a photo spanning across two columns, with extra text sandwiching the image on both the left and right hand edges of the photo.


      With text wraps, I have found that when said photo is immersed within a SINGLE column, (and formatted with "left justify"), text automatically flushes without gaps to the left-hand edge of the photo (as it also does on the right hand side). But the thing that works well in single columns (vs. multiple), is that only the lines that are vertically synced with the image are fully justified. Another way to picture it, is that within one long paragraph, I see full justification (vertical to the photo) mixed with left justification (after the photo ends and the paragraph continues on underneath).


      But when I break this SINGLE column into TWO, the flush effect goes away immeadiately - *poof* - and the nice-looking full justification at the left hand edge of the object mysteriously disappears, and the text becomes ragged on the ends. No matter what I've tried, I cannot get it to flush unless I convert the entire paragraph to "full justify" - which obviously ruins the overall paragraph's "left justify" format, and puts it out of sync with the rest of the page, which is all formatted "left justify". I hope this makes sense.


      Does anyone know how to either:


      1. Split a paragraph into two different kinds of justification so that I can adjust text wraps with a manual line-by-line hack




      2. Does anyone know some other trick - to get the same effect in two or more columns, that Indesign automatically gives an object with a text wrap contained within a single column.


      I have been tearing out my hair trying to solve this issue, looking all over the web for an answer....my head feels like it's gonna explode!!



      Thank you so much,