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    Page numbers in page panel don't match current page numbers


      Hi all,


      I have been working with InDesign for a decade now and never had this problem.

      I created a document in InDesign CS 5.5, very simple and with consecutive pages, no sections etc.

      My page numbers show up correctly on my spreads. BUT, for some reason, the numbers that are shown in the page panel, underneath the page icons, are different. The first page is named "11", followed by 12-17, then the numbers jump to 111, 112 etc. I selected all pages and chose "Numbering and Section Options", setting them all to automatic page numbering, but to no avail.

      As I said, the actual page number on the page is unaffected. But this bugs me since I am afraid that the document is somehow messed up.


      I am using a simple InDesign document, no book file.


      Any idea why this would happen?


      Thank you so much!