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    RH9 submenus do not appear; pc "dings" on mouse click


      Edition: RH HTML

      Version RH9


      When I click on a submenu like File>Open or File>Import>HTML, at the moment the dialog box should appear, the cursor momentarily changes to the "spinning circle" (Windows 7) as if a dialog box is going to open, but then nothing happens. The cursor returns to the arrow. When I click anywhere on the screen, the computer beeps as if it's waiting for a interaction with a dialog box -- one that is not visible. RH doesn't seem to be locked up, it just seems like a dialog box has popped off the monitor and I can't get it back.


      This even happens on the initial RH screen when I click "Open". I must end the program in Task Manager in order to restart RH. This problem happens with any project, including the samples.


      RH was working fine before this happened about a week ago. I was going to import an .html file and it seems like I clicked too fast or somewhere on the edge of the menu hotspot or something -- like I almost clicked in the right place, but didn't. Suddenly, I just got beeps when I clicked.


      My troubleshooting attempts:

      • Resizing the screen, resetting pods, closing pods, tile/cascade windows...
      • Uninstall/install RH9
      • Search the forum. Found a simlar topic called "HELP! Preview Topic has stopped working". Printed and tried the steps suggested for making changes in the Registry, but the directory/file structure didn't match mine, so I didn't make any changes.


      Please help soon. I'm having to use an auxilliary computer that is much slower.


      Thanks in advance,