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    Working on a CS4 project in CS5.5 - Flash won't let me save FLA normally (ctrl+s)

    aaddiiooss Level 1

      I started working on a Flash project and I'll be moving it back and  forth between two different computers. The project was originally  started in Flash CS4. The other computer has Flash CS5.5 installed. So  when in CS5.5 I save the fla as a CS4 version FLA.
      I hit Save As... and  then from the Save As Type pull-down menu I selected CS4 Fla document and I  assumed that from then on I could just hit ctrl+s to save the project  and it would maintain the CS4 version. But that isn't quite what's  happening. Every time I hit ctrl+s a Flash Compatibility Warning pops up  and tells me that I need to use Save As... and then Save As Type again  to keep it a CS4 document.

      So basically, from what I understand, when working on a CS4 project in CS5.5 - I can't use Save. I can only use Save as...
      This is really annoying because I am accustomed to hitting ctrl+s pretty often.
      And  now EVERY TIME I wish to do a simple save, I need to hit ctrl+shift+s,  then select CS4 from the Save As Type menu, then hit save, and then  click YES when asked if to overwrite the previous file with the same  name.


      Is this a bug?