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    Very quick your question

    Yidito Level 1

      In order to make a flash game, do i start a new actionscript 3.0? and another question (lol)


      when you want to make animate for a flash game, do i make all the animations and save them as seprate the compile all of them when i put the game together? or do i make and animate and do all the stuff simontaniously? like make a background, right after that make the charchter, etc.?



      and once again sorry for my typo'z im Russian...




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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          yes, use actionscript 3.0.


          create your objects in any order that seems logical to you.

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            smitchell94 Level 2

            You sound like your very inexperieced, Yes as Kglad kindly pointed out yes AS3 is the way to go, but there are a few options on the main interface screen that you may not understand. AS3 is a language, before AS3 there was AS2 and AS1, ig you wish to make a game purely for the internet AS2 will work. Allthough i do not recommend it. AS3 is more advance which also means harder to learn.


            As for animation I personally would not put it in a separate FLA, when you make your player, you would have all you animations for that player inside of it. With stop(); function on the end of the seperate animations, then you would give each animation a frame label so from withi your code when your player dies you can call the death animation, or walk ect.