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    Canon High Res footage replace fail


      So I've recently started having this new bug that didn't effect me before, and it seems to only happen with video shot on Canons, though it doesn't seem to matter which model (5D, 7D, 60D all tested).


      First I make low res versions of all my videos (24p 720x480 quicktimes, using the preset that is available) and then I cut my movie. When I replace the footage with the high res, every clip is in slow motion. For some reason, Premiere interprets all the footage as being that way. I have to create a new project, paste in the timeline, reimport all the footage, then find the timecode associated with each clip, grab it, and re edit the project. I can't even simply replace clip as this feature seems to grab the wrong part of each clip.


      This didn't used to happen, and when I shoot with Nikon or Panasonic I don't seem to encounter it. Has anyone else seen this? What's the deal?


      Oh, and I'm on Windows 7, I'm sure somebody will ask.