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    PE 9 trial .mov problems


      I've downloaded the trial of v9 to check it out before I decide whether to buy. I've never used any version of PE but use lots of other Adobe software so it seems the obvious choice. I've immediately hit a strange problem. I tried to import some .mov files from my iPhone to use as test material and some of the files are fine but others give the error that either the file isn't supported or the required codec is missing. I installed the latest version of quicktime in case that had anything to do with it but that changed nothing. I really don't understand this, I have 8 or 9 short videos which were all shot this morning with the same iPhone and all imported to he computer at the same time and PE will happily work with some but not others. Why?? Can anybody help?


      Would it make a difference if I tried to import the files from the iphone straight into PE (assuming you can do that?) rather than pick the files up from a folder on the PC?


      I'd be grateful for any pointers as this has me stumped.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The .mov format is not a single format, per se, but is actually a package that can be made up of any of hundreds of possible codecs (compression systems), not all of which are supported by Premiere Elements.


          Very few smart phone video formats are editable in Premiere Elements. This is likely one of them.


          The best solution is to buy Quicktime Pro ($29 from Apple). Not only does the program convert most MOV files to editable DV-AVI videos, but it also includes a number of basic editing features.

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            LucNWK Level 1


            thanks for the response. I appreciate what you've said about the .mov format and codecs but what was confusing me was why some were working while others weren't and yet they were all identical. The fact that some play and are importable suggests that it is compatible but doesn't explain why some were described as incompatible. I've now solved the problem by simply closing elements, restarting my PC and all of a sudden all the video files are available. Therefore I can only conclude some sort of bug but thanks for your suggestion anyway.


            The bottom line for anybody else who lands here lookoing for an answer to the same problem, try restarting elements or maybe restarting your PC and then see if all your iPhone clips are available. Mine suddenly were which I don't understand but the fact that it's working now will do for me!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Glad you were able to find a workable solution of some sort, Luc!