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      I have noticed an  AlternateSpace="NoAlternateColor" and AlternateColorValue="" attributes on the Color element in the Resources/Graphic.xml file of an idml file.


      I have not found informations about it in the documentation, does anybody know how to handle it, how to set the AlternateSpace to RGB or whatever ?




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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          it's better to set the alternate color space to lab rather than RGB or CMYK. In the case of lab you are independent of a device color space and your spot color will be separated according to the output intent.


          To get the right lab values for a given color is important. You can measure them (provided the right equipment and a very good color sample) or rely (at least in the case of PANTONE or HKS) on the values PhotoShop will offer. But consider that the PhotoShop samples are far from perfect.



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            libarth1212 Level 1



            The point is I do not know how to set the alternate color space, from the menus or from a script.


            The following script change all colors from a color space to another (whatever, rgb or lab):

                    var myAllColors = app.activeDocument.colors;
                    for(var myCounter = 1; myCounter < myAllColors.length-1 ;myCounter ++){
                        var myColor = myAllColors[myCounter];
                        try {
                        myColor.space = ColorSpace.RGB;
                     } catch (err) {


            Then Color in the idml file contains stuff like :

            Space="RGB" ColorValue="235.5434936285019 112.71000042557716 0" and so on, but the AlternateSpace attribute remains to the "NoAlternateColor" value.


            I am wondering if there is a way to have a script like :

                 app.activeDocument.alternatespace = ColorSpace.RGB;

            and then in the Color in the idml file contain something like :

                Space="CMYK" ColorValue="0 70 100 0" AlternateSpace="RGB" AlternateColorValue="235.5434936285019 112.71000042557716 0"

            but I just don't know how to handle the alternate color space.


            Best regards,