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    Valentin Flash Print On Mac (Flash Asset Xtra On Mac?)

    liftedfinger Level 1


      I'm authoring using windows director and am publishing for PC and Mac.

      Valentin flash print works fine on PC when the projector is published but it doesn't work on the Mac.

      I have run the project in the authoring environment on the mac using the trial version of Mac Director 11.5 and

      within there it works.  It is only when it is published it doesn't work on the Mac.


      I can only guess that it is the Flash Asset xtra but I'm not sure.  It is in the cross platform xtras and the

      xtrainfo.txt file on the PC.


      I've tried to find a version of the flash asset xtra for mac that I can drop into my published xtras folder,

      but it doesn't seem to exist anywhere, so I am stuck.  This is very urgent.


      Does anyone no where I can find the mac version of flash asset xtra or has anyone tried to use Valentin flash

      print before on the Mac platform?


      Any info greatly received.