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    ePub error on iPad, but is fine in elsewhere

    matthew stuart Level 2

      Hi, I am in the middle of creating an ebook, and I have exported to test how it looks so far, and all looks great apart from there is an error when viewed on iPad. Although there is an error, the document where the errors are meant to be seem to display fine!


      Here's the error message:


      This page contains the following errors:

      error on line 162 at column 57: Entity 'shy' not defined

      error on line 186 at column 338: Entity 'shy' not defined

      error on line 817 at column 139: Entity 'shy' not defined

      Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.


      Line 162 is:

                <td class="Table-content-cell-style" colspan="4">

      and column 57 is 4.


      Line 186 is: well, it'a blank!


      Line 817 is: <tr>

      column 139 doesn't exist!


      As I said, the error message states it will render up to the first error, however, I a looking at it and it seems to be displaying fine after each error and beyond. Looking at in in Sigil and adobe digital editions, there are no errors that I can see. I can't view it in Kindle for Mac though; it just won't accept it, but I assume that's because it's in the wrong format.


      Any thoughts?