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    Creating new document from template

    InDesigner of the North Level 1

      Hello Everyone


      I just started Scripting inDesign recently, I wanted to create a script that when executed will create a new document from a template.


      So far I have the script you see here.

      When it's executed it's supposed to retrieve a template from a folder and present it as the new document.

      But instead of the template, with it's grids, headers and footers being "imported" to the application...I just get the text of the template.

      I've pretty much gone through and tested every method etc...in the OMV, but obviously I'm missing something.


      Could it be the "place" method? Or is the script needing a complete re write?




      //create new document


      //var newDoc = app.activeDocument;


      newDoc = app.activeDocument.place(File("M:/MyFolder/TemplateTest.indt"));



      Thanks to anyone in advance who may have some advice on this



      InDesigner of the North