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    Swapping out source video - working with low res versions

    teloscientist Level 1

      I have high-def sony m2t footage to edit.

      I create a prpro project with edits, and I want to send to a collegue to tweak it. No problem.

      However, I don't want to send them 30 gigs of source video, but 300mb of low res mp4 versions of the source video, so he can edit and work on timing and effects.


      My challenge is that I when he returns the file, I must replace the footage and re-create all of the in/out markers on each clip, as well as the effects.


      Is there a way to bulk replace footage in a project WHILE KEEPING the in/out cut, and the effects on each of the video bits? Or, keep the in/out and lose the effects - both are great solutions.


      If I could get the same filename for the source video on my machine and the low-res version on his machine, it would be easy. The challenge is that my source video is *.m2t and the low-res versions are mp4, or flv, or mov.


      Any ideas, workarounds, best practices for this?






      cs5.5, win 7, i7-920, 12g ram, gt250 video, sony hc-1 camera

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Couple thoughts:


          1. Use AME to transcode your original M2T clips to more highly-compressed M2T clips. Drop the originals into the AME Queue, and change the Format to MPEG2 (not MPEG2-DVD). Start with the "1440 x 1080i 29.97 High Quality" preset (this may actually be automatically selected), and then go to the Multiplexer tab and change the Multiplexing option to "TS." Tweak the video encoding parameters (primarily bit rate) as necessary, and save the new versions out somewhere. This seemed to work in my single clip test, though the more highly-compressed file settings may need some experimentation to get smooth playback.
          2. If you already have MP4s, try changing the extension to M2T. Yeah, it might actually work. You can do this really quickly on the Windows command line (don't know how on Mac) by running a simple command:
            ren *.mp4 *.m2t


          In both cases, since the extension is the same, relinking should be fairly automatic.


          Report how it goes!