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    AddInstance overflow to page 2 deletes inputs in top subform


      Really need help.  Got my form where I want it to be Except when adding rows overflows onto page 2 the information entered in a different top subform deletes the information that has been input.  I have removed the recalculate from the add and delete instances.  It still deletes.  Here are how I have the add and delete instances set up:








      The two items that change that I want to keep their input are:


      form1.#pageSet[0].Page1.ToolTop.Your_Name1::calculate - (JavaScript, client)


      = name.rawValue = "'s";

      And an embeded image.


      I put these items in a subform on the master page - the only way I was able to get the top part of the form to repeat when the add rows caused a new page to spawn.


      Any ideas - thanks in advance.

      Christina in Tucson