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    DV capture split scenes doesn't work properly


      I'm evaluating Premier Elements 9 trial version. I captured a segment of DV tape using the split scenes feature.


      When using the default "content" option, it doesn't detect scenes at all.


      When using the "timecode" option it not only splits between scenes but puts in unnecessary splits in the middle of scenes - chopping a single take up into an untidy mess of chunks. It's quite consistent about where it does these (even if I use a different camera). Of course there isn't a clip join function so I can't fix the scenes manually.


      Other packages I'm evaluating such as Corel VideoStudio split the scenes correctly.


      My CPU by the way is an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31245 @ 3.30GH, the graphics card is a ATI FirePro V4800 (FireGL) and I've got 8GB of memory. I tried a Canon MVX250i and a JVC camcorder whose model number doesn't seem to be on it anywhere that I can find.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you've got Capture set up to break on Timecode, the program uses breaks in the timecode to break scenes in your video. So it's important to ensure that your clock/date are set in your camcorder before you shoot your video.


          It's also possible that something else is interrupting your capture and triggering the program to break a scene. This could be caused by a Windows background program interruption or an interruption by another program, such as your antivirus. (Norton and McAfee are both notorious for doing that, which is why I always recommend alternative antivirus programs.) It could also be glitch on the tape itself.


          I'm not sure what's happening on your system. I use Premiere Elements 9 both on a PC and on a Mac, with both a Panasonic and Sony miniDV camcorder and I've never seen any unnecessary scene breaks on any of my computers. So I'm not sure what advice to offer, other than to say that, when the program, camcorder and computer are properly configured, it won't happen.


          But it could also be that, since you're working with the trial, the necessary components are not fully activated. The program must be fully registered in order for these extra components to activate. (Which, I know, defeats the purpose of a free trial -- but that's the way Adobe has configured it.)


          As for breaking by Content, that's a feature that has to do with the Auto/Media Analyzer, which is supposed to automatically analyze your video after capture and break it into pseudo-scenes based on major changes in content. It could be that your video does not include any major changes in content -- or it could be that your Auto Analyzer has been disabled or is not functioning correctly.

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            BorageBoy Level 1

            Thanks Steve. Turning off my a/v (Avast) doesn't make any difference and I clsoed everything else. As far as registering the trial program, I'm not sure what I would need to do there; there's nothing on the Help menu which is where I would expect to find it.


            The breaks are in consistent places so I maybe there is something on the tape, but it's interesting that the Corel product works ok. In other ways I prefer Premier but I have a backlog of DV tapes to process!