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    Minor Indexing issue.


      I have a project where two distinct index words are required, but Robohelp appears unable to recognise they are two very distinct words with different meanings and different uses. Both of which are required within the project.


      "New" is used, where "new entries may be made", but "News" is also required where "News Articles" may be displayed. I can not for the life of me get the auto Index Wizard to understand the difference. The same problem exists in the difference between "Select" and Selected", but these are far fewer due to the nature of the content.


      Is it at all possible to have the wizard grasp the difference? When I manually tell it that New is the index, the wizard can not find the text "New", and greys out the field where it says it can't find it, yet the very next suggestion of "News" clearly displays the word "New". It also insists that "News" in the text should be "News". It takes far longer to run the wizard with manually checking keywords than it would if I were able to have it run automatically as I can on other projects.