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    Flex4 Zend AMF error - NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP

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      I'm working with FLEX 4 (developing in flash builder 4 plugins for eclipse) and PHP Zend Framework v 1.9.


      When I run the application from the flash builder the AMF comunication work fine, but when I try to run directly from URL in a browser I got the following error:


      Send failed

      Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed: url: 'http://localhost/Project-debug/gateway.php'


      I think that I get this error since I have update my flash builder plugin.... previos version of my .swf project didn't give my this issue.


      Somebody can help me? I don't realy have any idea how to solve this problem.




      I don't have services-config.xml file in my project cause the amf zend samples that I followed don't say to create it, somebody knows why flex 4 doesn't need it?