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    How to Remove Unwanted HTML Text Appearing in Compiled Help Topics

    Bernadino50 Level 1

      I am working on a RoboHelp HTML project in version 7.03.001. Recently, when checking files into source control, the program we use informed me that two of my topics (htm files) and the index file (.hhk) were "conflicted."


      When I examine the compiled topics, I see a string of HTML code at the very top of the topics, above the topic titles. Here is an example:

      PSPA 1.png

      When I look at the HTML view, for the same topic, this is what I see:

      PSPA 2.png

      Temporarily removing this line of code did not resolve the issue. The unwanted text was still displayed after compiling.


      Another thing to mention is that several strange files also appeared in various project folders--files associated with the suspect topics and index:

      PSPA 3.png

      I don't know what these files are for or if they can be deleted. In addition, I generally don't do much work in the HTML code, so I was wondering if anyone might know what would cause this and also how it can be fixed.


      Thanks for your help!