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    Why am I getting quantization / banding with 16bpc and 3D light hitting a solid?

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      I'm not sure what's going on with my project, but I have a simple setup:  a 3D, black solid layer, a 3D white spotlight hitting that layer, and a gradient caused by the spot light hitting that layer.  The banding / quantization artifacts that are generated from the resultant gradient are horrible.  I've tried a couple of things mentioned in the discussion threads and from googling:


      1.  Increase the bpc setting for my project, I've tried 'em all:  8, 16, and 32.  The banding is still there, although the there is an increase in the amount of "bands" as I crank up the bit depth.  So 32 bpc has more bands than 8bpc, but I still want to get rid of it entirely.

      2.  I've turned off all OpenGL capabilities from the comp window. 


      The banding is still there!  Is there any way to remove it?