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    Can Captivate 2 do something similiar to...

      I was wondering if Captivate 2 can create the same presentation
      that is on the Dreamweaver Virtual Tour:

      I tried doing it and it just didn't flow very well, maybe I overlooking something,
      but my final results look like a powerpoint presentation.

      So I decided to make the interface within Flash and import the .cp files to the stage
      of movie instance and have the buttons call these clips up.

      However for some reason anything after each .cp file imported in, it overwrote the other
      the previous. So each button now calls up the same movie, but each movie (in reality are

      I did some more browsing around and was told Captivate 2 does not import well in Flash 8;
      and if so it's only recommened to use it for touch-ups.

      So my question to all that may be of any help. Can Captivate 2 create this?

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          No, you can't do this in Captivate.

          You can do it in Flash, but you have to be a REALLY CLEVER Flash author to pull off something like this. Nice, eh?

          Then again, if you worked for Adobe...

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            allsenseless Level 1
            Well, I figured a way to simulate something like this in Captivate.

            On SLIDE 1 I have clickable text that jump to a different slides. On the slide it jumps to i have a swf file that has been imported to the stage. After the SLIDE 2 is done, I modify the SLIDE PROPERTIES to go back to the SLIDE 1, but it does a fade in transition.
            - Is there a way to prevent it from fading it in?

            I have these click boxes when click jumps to slides. (i.e. Button1 and Button2).
            When I click Button1, it jumps to SLIDE 2, plays it. When I click Button2, it jumps to SLIDE 3. The only problem is I have to wait for the slide to finish.
            - Is there a way to click on Button1 and it play SLIDE2, but during the play of SLIDE2, I want to click Button2 and it interrupts the slide and jumps to SLIDE3?