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    Phantom cineform

    Bilal C

      Does premiere pro cs5 not 5.5 read phantom cine files natively? And why does cs5 on mac become sluggish when I use my Aja Kona 3 sequence settings. Its very sluggish and doesnt respond to well. Is there a driver update for this and where can I get it? Or am I doing something wrong? If I use some other presets for the sequence and dont route it through the kona it works fine.

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          You have to download the Cineform player to read Cineform files in any editor. If you have a License for Cineform then you can install Cineform's product and the player is also installed.


          AJA recently released drivers for CS5.5 that was suppose to finally add support for the MPE acceleration on the PC. I however am not sure about the MAC drivers since only the last 9.0.1 release is the latest one that specifically lists Adobe support. What Kona 3 driver did you install and have you called AJA yet to see if the 9.0.5 release still supports Adobe?