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    Can an existing folder be replaced?


      Hi. Can existing project folders be replaced with updated ones? if so how can the existing folder be replaced in the project? also, can TortoiseSVN be used as a configuration tool for rhelp?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Welcome to the forum.


          Please read the sticky topic Before You Post. In this case the answer to your question is the same whatever the version of RoboHelp but so often it is necessary information.


          I have made your post a new thread as it was not really related to the old thread you tacked onto.


          If you are not using source control you can copy a RoboHelp topic from one project to another but at your own risk. That assumes the filename is exactly the same in every respect including case. It also assumes that all that has changed is some basic text. If the revised topic has used a different CSS, has used snippets that don't exist in the new project and so on, then you are going to have trouble. In other words it can be done but it is not advisable.


          As to doing the same with folders, again not advised as the chances of all those conditions being met are pretty slim.


          I'm almost inclined to answer, if you need to ask, the answer is no.


          Tortoise SVN is a version control program so I have no idea what you mean by using it as a configuration tool for RoboHelp.


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