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    Screen & Printer Profile settings CS3


      Hello there,


      I have been given completely varying (and conflicting) information from different sources (internet, colleagues, suppliers, lecturers) and want to put to bed how is best to set up color profiles.




      Windows 7 PC

      Printer Epson R2880 with continious ink flow system

      Custom Photo Paper

      LG Monitor

      Photoshop CS3


      Below is how I set up my colour profiles in the pc control panel:


      Printer Default Profile (applied under color management, devices):


      Photo paper / Ink Company give us a custom profile for the printer / paper / ink combo we have


      Monitor Default Profile (applied under color management, devices):


      Custom profile created by us using an Xrite i1 display pro


      Photoshop Color Settings (Edit, Color settings):


      "Working Space RGB" - i select the custom profile that I created for the monitor - this doesn't seem right


      "Management Policies - convert to working RGB"


      Print settings:


      Select the Epson Printer and also select" color management tab" (rather than "output")


      "Document selected" ticked in brackets says "custom RGB profile"


      "Color Handling - Photoshop Managed Colors" is selected


      "Printer Profile - custom printer profile" is selected (this is the same one applied to the printer elsewhere)


      "Perceptual" & Black Point Compensation are also selected



      I feel like I am double applying profiles, very lost and needing help (one socalled professional I spoke to didn't even know you could manually apply a profile in windows to a device, he just always selected using print preferences in photoshop!)


      I used to work in a pro photolab and colors are critical, with the digital era I find getting from what is on the screen to the print very difficult to get accurate and more consistent.


      Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated .