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    Premiere Elements 9 can't find moved videos?  How to move projects?

    lew too

      I have a customer with an almost full hard drive, with almost 100GB of Premiere Elements stuff.  I copied the videos (.mts) to an external drive but the project can't find them there.  I can open a project and go to Get Media, and if I browse to C:\My Documents\My Videos (the original location), I can get the video.  If I browse to the new location (E:\My Videos), I can see the video but double clicking it does nothing.


      I have looked in all the preferences in the Organizer and the Project and I can't find the path "C:\My Documents\My Videos" anywhere, so I can't change it to the new location.  Projects can find them in "C:\My Documents\My Videos" even though the current path to videos is shown as "C:\My Documents\My Pictures".  How do I do this?


      A second question:  How do I move projects to the new location?  Most of the answers I have found are for Elements 4 or so.  If it's obvious and is answered in another location, a link would be great.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          To move a project to a new location -- such as to an external drive -- use the Project Archiver, under the File menu.


          This will copy not only the project file but also all of the connected media files associated with a project without losing the links. You can then delete the original project and media files from the C drive.


          Otherwise, you'll need to open each project and manually locate the links to the media clips -- which is no fun. (Although, if the clips are all in the same folder on your drive, if you connect one clip, the program will recognize the others and automatically re-connect all of the clips for that project.)