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    button mouseOver sound problem

      I have searched the forums and interweb to see if I can find somebody complaining of this problem before, but I can't seem to find anything.

      What I have is a handful of buttons on the stage that play a sound on rollover. At first, I simply had this sound placed in the over state of the button, but once the problem started occuring, I figured I would actionscript the sound, but still have no luck solving the problem.

      Basically, if a user goes over the buttons at a normal pace, the sound plays perfectly. However, if the user starts speeding over the buttons, to enjoy the interesting sound, it goes NUTS and starts to layer, seemingly playing multiple sounds at once.

      I even thought I found a solution myself, by forcing the sound to stop prior to playing, but this didn't solve the issue either. The actionscript I am using is below:

      //actionscript in frame
      //load mouse over sound
      moSound = new Sound();

      //actionscript on each button
      on(rollOver, dragOver){
      trace("Sound on")
      on(rollOut, dragOut){
      trace("Sound off")

      Even the trace text appears correctly! (e.g. "sound on", "sound off", "sound on", "sound off", "sound on", "sound off", etc.) It NEVER appears with "ons" paired together. So i'm stumped here. I even thought maybe the sound was corrupt, but have used about 5 different sounds now, to mo avail!

      Please help :)