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    Premiere Elements 7 Basic Editing Question for DV


      Hello all,



      I have PE7, a Q6600 quad-core, and Windows 7 64bit.


      I have captured about 6 hours of Standard Definition 16:9 DV footage from my church's grand opening ceremony.  Video was captured from an old Pana PV-GS320.


      The church wants a dynamic video to be produced from the captured footage (60 minutes at the most in length).  I plan on doing many different effects including semi-transparent video layering, picture in picture, inserting photographs, and inputing audio clips from the ceremony.  The final product will be a standard definition DVD disc.


      I've done some research regarding how DV is interlaced and output for  DVD should be interlaced (unless I'm wrong in that conclusion, let me  know).  I also know that doing heavy editing with interlaced footage  (slowing/speeding footage, zooming in and out, rotating, multiple  layering, etc) may create flickering and "mice teeth" in the video.  I've also searched through these forums and keep on running into HD  questions/solutions...  I guess I'm asking an old question that was probably  answered long ago when DV tape ruled the world.


      QUESTION 1:

      So, if I may ask, in order to get the best results, should I prepare my raw footage in PE7 before editing it by (1) by deinterlacing it? (2) exporting it as progressive? (3) both? (4) leave it alone and begin editing away? or (5) am I missing another option?


      QUESTION 2:

      Also, what resolution would be best to import the photos into the project?


      I know the best way to work with any video is to make as little changes as possible to it, but this is unavoidable in my case.  No one wants to sit through 6 hours of video...


      Thankyou very much for reading my questions and I really hope you have some time to answer it!  Thanks for any information!  I really appreciate it!