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    MAC CS5 - importing .VOB files (HELP!)


      I have a NON-copy protected TS_VIDEO folder.  I can play the video fine with DVD Player.


      I created a PP project...imported the VOB files and in the PROJECT preview window the video seems fragmented...jumps around the video...video clip are there but the entire video in the VOB isn't previewing.


      I brought it into the SOURCE window...same fragmentation...I dragged it to the TIMELINE...same fragmentation.


      What am I doing wrong?  Is is something to do with the SEQUENCE created...DV - NTSC 48mHz?


      Wouldn't you know this would happen the day before a project is due.


      I have rebooted the MAC, I have no other programs running...I have restarted PP...I have oodles of RAM.


      Thanks,  --bill