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    Flash/Flex newbie to mobile...Please help




      This is my first posting here and pardon if my questions have already been answered. I'm a C# developer and wanted to get into mobile computing. I had researched on many of the frameworks available including jQuery Builder working in DreamWeaver 5.5. I saw Flash Builder 4.5.1 and its comprehensive support for iOS devices and really interested in using the software for my programming. Having said that, I have some specific questions:


      I was checking with MonoTouch (www.xamarin.com). MonoTouch seems to have a expensive licensing scheme and I don't want to go there. It uses Interface Builder on the Mac to assemble various UI controls to build a interface. Does Flash Builder work in a similar way? In other words, I wanted to know if Flash Builder 4.5.1 IDE allow me to use all of the available iOS controls (http://dinosaurswithlaserz.com/2011/03/05/ios-human-interface-guidelines-part-6-ui-element -usage/). The same question goes with Android UI controls.


      I was also researching on OpenPlug which uses Flex SDK to build iOS/Android apps and wanted to know if OpenPlug is a better one when compared to Flash Builder 4.5.1 IDE.


      Appreciate replies.



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          kokorito Level 4

          I guess you use Flash Builder to assemble UI controls, but they arent native iOS/Android controls rather flex controls that you use for desktop and web apps. Although they are optimised for mobile. For instance you dont have the iOS data chooser spinney thing.You have APIs for the camera, geolocation, internet, etc


          I've never used OpenPlug, dont really see the point if you develop for iOS and Android, FB does that already. FB also does desktop and web apps, in fact thats the beauty of FB and flex, use the right architecture means you can pretty much use the same code for both. Not quite one app for all, there are obvious differences to the views, but its close.


          But why not just try it. You can download a trial version with enough time to learn the basics and put an app together.