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    How to check Radio buttons with Differfent button values

    Walker.Cj3 Level 1

      Good Day,


      I am currently trying to write a script that would hide 5 of 6 radio buttons


      I have a radio button called "3. Transfer"

      with values of :



           Reg; and



      as well I have a drop down called "REL.ITEM"

      with values of





                4(B); and



      I know how to get the value of the box and manipulate other fields





      var transfer = getField("3. Transfer").value

      var relitem = getField("REL.ITEM").value


      if (transfer = "Yes" || transfer = "Supp") && (relitem == "4(C)" || relitem == "4(B)"))


           getField("a. recommend").checkThisBox(0,true);
           getField("a. recommend").display = display.visible
          getField("a. I do not recommend").checkThisBox(0,false);

          getField("a. I do not recommend").display = display.hidden


      else if (transfer = "do_not_transfer")


           getField("a. recommend").checkThisBox(0,false);
           getField("a. recommend").display = display.hidden
           getField("a. I do not recommend").checkThisBox(0,ftrue);

           getField("a. I do not recommend").display = display.visible





      I would like to make it so that if REL.ITEM != 4(A); 4(B); 4(C) that the radio box's with values of "Yes", "Supp" and "Reg" are hidden while "do_not_transfer" is still displayed and checked.


      I've been going through forums, google and acrobat documentation and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.


      Thanks for your help in advance.