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    Free trial- is publish to .exe disabled?  Documentation doesn't mention this

    ScienceTech_2011 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,

           We're using the free trial to see if we can open an existing Director file and export out an .exe.   We believe the original Director file was created on a PC but are not positive.


           When we go to Publish, the .exe option is grayed out.   If we go to Options> move from Shockwave to Standard.  Then go back to Publish the .exe button is now available.  However when we select it and click on Publish nothing happens.


      We have tried:


      - Moving the source files to a different directory in case the files are in a read-only format

      - Installing the trial on 2 Windows 7 PCs.   Both encountered the same problem.

      - Publishing to HTML, this works just fine.



      Knowing that it's a disabled feature in the trial might help.   But we sure don't want to buy it if we cannot publish to an executible or it's problematic.   This file would need to be updated and published as an .exe and is the main reason to buy the software.




      Windows 7

      Service pack 1

      4GB RAM

      Director 11.5


      Thanks for any tips or help!