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    Stacking order on PrEl 9 not working


      I am trying to change the stacking order on simultaneous multiple video tracks.  I have two tracks on the screen, I select one from the timeline and then right click on it in the monitor panel -- the option of Title>Arrange doesn't come up.  When I go to the options bar at the top of the page and click Title>Arrange, it will not let me select it.  In the help topics, PrEl 7 & 8 are covered with these instructions, but 9 is not.  Any ideas?  Thanks a million if you can solve this!  -JD

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you in the Titles editing workspace?


          That's the only place you can order the elements in a title. You can't do it in the Edit workspace.


          Double-click on a title to open its Titles editing workspace. Then, in the Titles workspace, select an element or text box and right-click. You should see the option to Send to Back, Send to Front, etc.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, the "stacking order," or Arrangement is only available for elements in a Title, like Shapes, or Text.


            To change the "stacking order" of elements such as Clips, Still Images, or Titles, they can be Selected, and then dragged to higher (or lower) Video Tracks, that are empty.


            Hope that helps, and good luck,