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    Putting Google maps on my Website

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      I am brand new at website design and I am trying to put a website together mostly for fun what I would like to do is put Google maps on a page.  On that page I would like to mark locations (trails and camp site) with a little information and a link to a page that would have more information.  I believe there is a plug-in I can buy for only $25 but I am enjoying learning and would like to learn how instead of just a plug and play.  In contrast to that though I cheating and using Dreamweaver CS5.  Thank you for any help and sorry in advance for my ignorance.  If there is a site or explanation step by step (including code).  I have visited google maps http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial.html#LoadingMap .


      My site is www.campingcoaches.com it is just for fun and a few friends to share where they have been camping so the coding I am working on in my spare time.



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