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    Time code with Sony CMU and Nex-Fs100

    rudo_fr Level 1

      Does someone kwno why we loose Time code when we use sony CMU to import rushes into PPRO CS5.5 (.m2ts files) ?

      When i import directly nex-fs100's rushes from SDCARD (.mts files) into PPRO CS5.5 there is no problem with time code.

      Where come from this bug ? is it adobe cs5.5 or sony CMU

      Could someone try importing .m2ts from Sony CMU in other editing software to see if TC problem appears ?

      My rushes are of course from nex-fs100 (europe) HD 1920 X 1080 @ 50P
      my Sony cmu version is CMU and adobe ppro CS5.5.


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