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    Going from design to implementation


      Background: I am a complete beginner to adobe Fireworks (or any adobe product for that matter). So please be patient with my possibly incorrect usage of adobe terms.


      I have made a homepage in Fireworks and want to send the design to a web developer so he can implement it when he develops the page. I haven't sliced it or prepared it for web use in any way beyond just creating the design - I've just created different images in different layers to achive the desired layout. My developer doesn't use Fireworks, he uses Photoshop. I've saved the files in png-form.


      My question: I am very busy doing other things and don’t really want to do spend more time on design related work. But I also want my webdeveloper to be able to start working with the design (buttons, symbols and other graphics etc) as fast and efficiently as possible. My problem is this: when my developer opens the files I sent him he sees them in one big layer. So when he wants to use the different design elements he has to work around this fact in some way, he can’t just grab a button and start working with it, for example. This obviously sucks. What can I or he do in order to prevent this idiotic detour? Preferably I just want a state of affairs where all the elements are directly usable in the web development process. What extra work need to be done in order to arrive to that state of affairs? And by whom, by me or my developer?


      Appreciate all feedback,


      Kind regards