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    last image placed in the document comes up as being modified constantly


      I have an indesign issue.

      Running CS4 (6.06) and CS5 (7.0.4)

      On snow leopard  10.6.8

      On a Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon

      My problem is that when I have a document with images in for some reason it seems that the last image placed in the document comes up as being modified.

      I do the required update everything appears up to date save the job and the same link will again show as being modified, so I get in to an infinite loop.

      This happen with documents saved locally and on a server, with documents I created and documents I have picked up form other artworkers.

      It is not an issue with specific link as we have seen this in many linked images, I tried to identify a trigger for this problem.

      I took 4 images placed them into a document save locally in my desktop opened closed the document after each image was placed, it work fine for all 4 images on there own. I added a text box to my document saved and the last image placed then flagged are being modified in my links panel, I deleted the image that was flagged as modified from the document and saved, as soon as I saved the next image in placed order now came up as being modified (this image was not flagged and being modified when I have 4 images placed).

      If I remove the text box from this document at any point then no images are flagged as modified.

      Just to confirm. This in not based around one document, specific images or one mac. I didn’t have this issue with 10.5.8 and Older CS4 on the same machine.


      Please help??